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With values based on the spirits of Truth, Creation, and Dedication, the educational motto of CNU, the School's educational goal is to educate and cultivate world-class legal experts who will pursue special areas of expertise.
The School will equip its students with the required capability and knowledge so that they can handle complicated legal issues professionally to provide quality legal service to the citizens with deep understanding of humanity and society.
The students educated by the School will emerge in this globalized world as the legal experts:
with solid ethical views;
with sufficient legal knowledge and practical capability; and
with strong sense of social solidarity.

Public Interests and Human Rights

The School offers a concentration in the field of Public Interests and Human Rights, by providing 17 related courses. Students can take advantage of the School's Center for Public Interests and Human Rights. The School has cooperation relationships with the Korean National Human Rights Committee and major international human rights organizations.

East Asian Law

Those who are interested in East Asian Law can be benefited from the School's East Asian Law concentration program. The School offers courses on Chinese Law, Japanese Law, International Trade Law, Transnational M&A, and Global Intellectual Property as part of this concentration. Students can also participate in the School's Center for East Asian Legal Studies. The School has strong academic cooperation relationship with prominent law schools in Japan and China, and is in the process of expanding its international cooperation in the region.

Health Law Concentration

The School has laid out the research foundation with the CNU Medical School for this concentration. As part of this concentration, courses on forensic medicine, medical malpractice, and medical criminal law are being offered. There are multi-discipline seminars and lectures to be conducted by experts in this field to educate the next generation of legal/medical experts.

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