Department of History

The goal of the Department of History is to achieve understanding of humanity through looking at past events and human society. Lectures and seminars which deal with those topics in the Department of History help students to understand the characteristics of the human condition and society. The discipline is also set to examine the transition of human history and analyze humanity and its society at any specific periods. The Department offers various courses which comprise the whole area of human accomplishments, such as politics, society, economy, culture, science, art, and others.

Since it was founded at Chonnam National University in 1952, the Department of History has grown to be one of the most respected departments within the University and in Korea. Within the Honam region of Korea, the Department is generally regarded as the most prestigious in the field of history.

The faculty of the Department are committed to helping students think critically and independently, and make them understand how cultures have evolved and become what they are today. The undergraduate program focuses on three main areas: Korean history, Asian history, and Western history. The discipline of the faculty, which ranges across the major geographical and chronological fields, covers from ancient Korea history to contemporary U.S. history.

Course list

Course list

교과과정 목록
NOGradeTermSubj. NoPointSubject
1ALLALLCLT07553.0Global Communication English: GCE
21ALLCLT00023.0Chinese Classic in Korean
412CLT07712.0Career Plan and Self Understanding
512HIS10013.0The Understanding of Culture Heritage
621HIS20013.0Introduction to Historiography
721HIS20023.0Ancient History of Asia
821HIS20033.0Ancient History of Europe
921HIS20053.0Pre-Modern History of Korea
1021HIS20073.0Historiography of Korean History
1121HIS20093.0History of Chinese Historiography
1221HIS20243.0Conversations with History
1322HIS20043.0Medieval History of Asia
1422HIS20063.0Medieval History of Europe
1522HIS20133.0Introduction to Historical Documents 1
1622HIS20233.0Historical Studies of Asian Regions
1722HIS30053.0Ancient History of Korea
1822HIS30073.0Medieval History of Korea
1931EHI20043.0Introductory Theory of History Education
2031HIS30023.0Modern History Of Asia
2131HIS30043.0Modern History of Europe
2231HIS30193.0Introduction to Historical Documents 2
2331HIS30203.0Socio-Economic History of Asia
2431HIS30283.0Issues on Korean History
2531HIS30343.0History and People
2631HIS40293.0Historical Resources and Cultural Contents
2732EHI30122.0A Course on History Logic and Essay writing
2832HIS30093.0Socio-Economic History of Korea
2932HIS30123.0Contemporary History of Asia
3032HIS30143.0Contemporary History of Europe
3132HIS30163.0History of Western Social Thought
3232HIS30253.0Contemporary History of Korea
3332HIS30273.0History of Russia
3432HIS30383.0Historical Practicum
3532HIS40113.0Modern History of Korea
3632HIS40303.0Research Theory of History
3741EHI30143.0Research of Education Text and Teaching Method of History
3841HIS40013.0History of Japan
3941HIS40023.0Topics in Western History
4041HIS40033.0History of Korean Thought
4141HIS40133.0History of Everyday Life in Western
4241HIS40173.0Study on Provincial History
4342HIS40073.0Topics in Asian History
4442HIS40083.0History of America
4542HIS40143.0History of Eastern Social Thought
4642HIS40183.0Culture-Art History of Korea