Department of Communication

Communication study is a discipline of social sciences that is geared toward providing insights into the role of communication in society. It specifically explores functions and influences of media that play a crucial role in constructing our lives and linking major social apparatuses in modern society from various perspectives.

The objective of the Department is to educate its students to understand both the nature and the reality of various forms of communication with relevant social and cultural implications.  Its ultimate purpose is to train students and qualify them for leading careers in the communication field through the study of various communication theories and practicing production of various communication messages.

The Department of Communication is designed to help students to be scholars and professionals who have both critical and analytical views on the role of communication in society and practical skills for communication in newspapers and broadcasting companies, advertising firms, publishing companies, academic institutions, government offices, business corporations, administrative organizations, and social organizations.

Course list

Course list

교과과정 목록
NOGradeTermSubj. NoPointSubject
1ALLALLCLT07553.0Global Communication English: GCE
2ALLALLUNV400530.0Field Practice 3
3ALLALLUNV40082.0Field Practice 1
4ALLALLUNV400918.0Field Practice 2
611COM10013.0Communication and Society
711COM10073.0Understanding Mass Media
811COM10103.0Speech Communication
912CLT07712.0Career Plan and Self Understanding
1012COM10043.0Introduction to Broadcasting
1112COM10053.0Newspaper Journalism
1212COM10093.0Practice in News Writing
1321COM20023.0Human Communication
1421COM20053.0Korean Journalism History
1521COM20073.0Understanding Advertising
1621COM20163.0Media Writing & Reporting
1721COM20183.0Radio Production
1921COM30183.0Visual Arts Production
2022COM20063.0Mass Communication Theories
2122COM20083.0Understanding Mass Culture
2222COM20203.0Introduction to Public Relations
2322COM30113.0Information Society and Multi-Media
2422COM40103.0Understanding Local Media
2522COM40193.0Digital Journalism
2631COM30163.0Cyber Communication
2731COM30173.0Mass communication English
2831COM40033.0Media Criticism
2931COM40203.0Media Planning
3031COM40213.0World Communication History
3132COM30033.0Research Methods in Mass Communication
3232COM30063.0Communication Philosophy
3332COM30143.0Critical Studies in Mass Communication
3432COM30203.0Advertising & Public Relations Production
3532COM40163.0Media & Cultural Studies
3632COM40223.0Newspaper Editing(Capstone design)
3741COM40083.0Communications Law and Ethics
3841COM40093.0Media Policy and Telecommunications
3941COM40143.0Media & Modern Politics
4041COM40173.0Seminar in Mass Media
4142COM40113.0Seminar in Communication
4242COM40123.0Visual Communication
4342COM40233.0Seminar in Cultural Planning(Capstone design)