Department of Anthropology

Anthropology is a discipline which studies the nature of human beings, and is divided into sub-disciplines of cultural anthropology, archaeology, and physical anthropology. Cultural anthropology contributes to understanding cultural diversity and finding ways to solve problems which the contemporary world faces. Archaeology studies the origin and development of cultures, focusing on material culture of prehistory which lacks written records and ancient history which has few written documents. Physical anthropology studies human evolution and current health issues.

Department of Anthropology, in contrast to other disciplines which tend to become specialized, offers students a broad range of means of understanding human beings and cultures. Students majoring in anthropology can carry out a wide range of activities in various areas of society after they graduate.

Trained in cross-cultural perspectives, graduates can work as area specialists in various research institutes and international organizations, or play important roles in diplomatic relations. They also have good opportunities to work in museums. Museums look for people trained in anthropology, who can systematically conduct surveys, analyses, exhibitions, and education on cultural resources and traditions being destroyed due to rapid industrialization.

Course list

Course list

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